CBD: What's the buzz?

The hemp-derived ingredient that's got everyone talking

You may have heard the buzz about CBD, the hemp-derived antioxidant making waves in the medical community for its curative and pain-relieving properties, and you might be wondering...

What is CBD, anyway?

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound derived from hemp seeds and hemp seed oil. A powerful antioxidant, CBD is also an antibacterial agent—and this is good news for your skin.

How can CBD help my skin?

The human epidermis has cannabinoid receptors all over it, meaning that topical applications of CBD can make a significant difference for your skin. CBD can help prevent acne, calm irritation, and improve eczema thanks to its lipid-inhibiting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Where does CBD come from? 

The CBD molecule is present in and derived from hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil also contains:

  • vitamins C&E, which protect skin from sun damage
  • vitamins A&D, which are responsible for skin cell growth and repair
  • omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help regenerate skin’s protective outer layer for smoother and younger-looking skin

How does emerginC use CBD?

We incorporate hemp seed oil as an ingredient in several of our products:

  • emerginC vitamin C, hemp, avocado + argan body lotion
  • Rawceuticals® CLEAN™
  • Rawceuticals® BLEND™
  • Rawceuticals® EYE + LIP CRAFT™