Environmentally Friendly Practices

We strive to implement environmentally friendly practices.


 Industry-Leading Green Initiatives 

  • We, along with PLANT-IT 2020, plant a viable, indigenous tree in a non-harvest location for every emerginC retail-sized product sold.
  • We partner with carbonfund.org to reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Our office runs on 100% wind power.
  • Approximately 80% of our products are manufactured with wind power.
  • Brochures and product boxes are manufactured with paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • We print with non-toxic vegetable inks.
  • Orders shipped via UPS are shipped with its carbon-neutral shipping option.
  • We incorporate glass, biodegradable resin caps, and sugarcane-based plastics in our packaging choices.
  • Orders are packed with reusable and biodegradable shipping "peanuts."