It's the last straw!

We're giving away 40,000 reusable straws. Here's why.


Refuse plastic refuse!

As many of you already know, we are in the middle of a plastic waste crisis. Plastic pollution harms and kills countless sea animals, enters our food chain, and chokes our oceans to the point that soon there will be more plastic than fish in the sea!

Single-use plastics, such as plastic straws, water bottles, and bags, are the main culprit.

The facts:

  • Roughly half of annual plastic production is destined for a single-use product.
  • Americans use over 500 million disposable plastic straws PER DAY. 
  • In 2016, world plastics production totaled around 335 million metric tons.
  • A full 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced annually is left to flow into our oceans; the equivalent of pouring one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute.

Our 40,000 straws giveaway aims to curbs wasteful plastic use by replacing disposable straws with sleek, environmentally-friendly, reusable stainless steel straws. They come free with every order, protected in a felt pouch made from recyclable plastic bottles so they are easy to take on the go! 


help your skin. heal your planet.

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