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Why We Chose Plant-It 2020

Plant-It 2020 was founded in 1992 by the late singer John Denver. John was an avid hiker, fisherman, camper and environmentalist who genuinely cared about earth’s sustainability; particularly its forests. His goal was to significantly help reforest the world but to do so with excellence. Resultantly, over 16 million trees have been planted! To date, emerginC has helped Plant-It-2020 plant nearly 1,000,000 trees.
From the beginning, they focused on quality over quantity. This means focusing on planting where the trees will not later be logged and having forestry experts design the planting projects. It also means that each project is properly funded and has after-planting maintenance when needed. They plant trees in more locations worldwide than any other US-based NGO.
Over time, Plant-It 2020 became known for setting benchmarks like 1) focusing on projects with long-term sustainability (and no-logging), 2) selling biochar stoves and biogas systems; and 3) providing not only a greater degree of transparency with clients but educating them regarding scams and deceptions in the tree-planting industry. They also are the only such group with an online ‘Code-Of-Conduct.’ After twenty-five years with a sterling reputation, Plant-It 2020 is the industry leader providing worldwide reforestation.