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Industry-First Green Initiatives

Environmentally-friendly practices 

If Not Us, Then Who?

Together, we have planted nearly 1,000,000 trees in our planting sites in Nepal, Madagascar and the Michoacan Mountains in Mexico. Now you, too, can make a small gesture on behalf of our shared earth by planting your own Spruce tree, with a seed-infused biodegradable planting stake included with every order.

50,000 Straws Giveaway


Single-use plastics are choking our oceans and polluting our planet. Our 50,000 straws giveaway aims to curbs wasteful plastic use by replacing disposable straws with sleek, environmentally-friendly, reusable stainless steel straws. They come free with every order, protected in a felt pouch made from recycled plastic bottles so they are easy to take on the go! No more excuses!

Fair Trade Ingredients

fairtrade-iconFair trade means fair pay and working conditions for farmers and supports sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint, so we incorporate fair trade ingredients in our products wherever possible. Our fair trade ingredients include aloe, shea butter, green tea, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and olive fruit oil. 

Throw and Grow


Help create an essential habitat for bees and other pollinators in your area with emerginBees milkweed seed bombs, included with every order. Any effort we make to help bees is a step toward healthy bees and healthy crops, which means healthy humans!

Grow Your Own


Growing your own vegetables puts you in control of the food you eat. Help us help you start your own vegetable garden with USDA organic mixed lettuce and arugula seeds, included with every order!

Wind Power

wind-iconOur office is run on wind power and approximately 80% of our products are manufactured with wind power.

Buy One, Plant One


Trees are essential for life: they are the largest plants and the longest-living species on Earth, and they store carbon, stabilize the soil, and store oxygen. Connecting the past with the present and reminding us of our history, trees provide us with tools and shelter. In partnership with Plant-It 2020, emerginC and you help better our planet by planting a viable, indigenous tree in a non-harvest location for every retail-sized product sold. 


Below: Our tree planting efforts in Madagascar. Before (left) and four amazing years later on the right!


"Your gifts have truly helped us to PLANT TREES and SAVE LIVES. The entire Eden U.S. and Eden Madagascar want to express our profound gratitude." 
-Dr. Stephen P. Fitch
Eden Reforestation Project Founder & C.E.O.

“Are you happy?”

- Footage from one of our tree planting sites in Madagascar

Below: Our tree planting efforts in Nepal. From saplings in a nursery to a healthy, thriving grove of young trees!