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2023 spa wellness product awards.
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Leading the charge for sustainable change

At emerginC, we blend the magic of nature with scientific precision to curate skincare products that not only make you look good but feel good about your choices. From eco-friendly packaging to our partnership with Plant-It 2020 and CleanHub, our commitment runs deep.
"We pursue a path of constant emerging. Our core value is to be a positive force in this world."
- Ian Lirenman
Founder & CEO
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"I am over 50 with sun damaged skin. After only 1 week there is noticeable improvement of texture and reduction of fine lines. Cost comparison to other products with 20% Vitamin C makes this an excellent value at 1/2 the price of others with comparable ingredients of the same size."
— Donna
"Since being introduced to this line several years ago, I won't use anything else. I recently ran out and went a couple days using a different lotion I had on hand. I didn't realize how much emerginC helps my skin."
— Jillian
"This is my favorite skin product ever, and I have tried several. I was introduced to the product line after a facial and have used it ever since. I have had several friends comment on how nice my skin looks. Having better moisturized skin has made it look so much better naturally, that I even wear less makeup than I used to!"
— Bella
"This moisturizer absorbs so nicely. There’s no greasy look—just a supple, reinvigorated skin tone that glows. Seriously. And I don’t have glowy skin, normally! I start with the pomegranate toner and then use this hydrating complex and move on with the rest of my routine. Love love love."
— Alexandra

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