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Celebrating Twelve Years

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Emerginc Celebrates Twelve Years As A Carbonfree® Business Partner

2021 marks the twelfth consecutive year that Renature Skin Care and emerginC have partnered with to neutralize a portion of its annual operating emissions. In addition to its own industry-leading environmental initiatives, emerginC has made a donation to neutralize 36 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases.  The aggregate 360 metric tonnes, or almost 750,000 pounds, of carbon emissions neutralized has had the same environmental impact as planting almost 6000 tree seedlings and allowing those trees to grow, mature and sequester carbon dioxide for twelve years.

emerginC began in 1996 with one of the most stable and effective vitamin C serums available. With a limited budget, no formal marketing plan, and no office—just a Manhattan studio apartment—they built the brand on buzz and grew by word of mouth. Over time, more products emerged and today they have a wide variety of amazing products, facials, and body treatments for all skin types. Never compromising their commitment to quality and effectiveness, they continue to emerge.

“We take many steps to minimize our impact on the environment. Our corporate office runs on wind power, our product boxes and brochures are made from paper from well-managed forests, printed with vegetable inks, and we ship our orders with biodegradable packing ‘peanuts’,” explains Ian Lirenman, CEO and Founder of emerginC.  “We chose because of their efficiency, the on-the-ground solutions they deliver, and the fact that they don’t engage in carbon offset trading.”

The folks at emerginC have taken a leading role in giving back and in sustainability with the “buy one, plant one” tree-planting program, and the company also includes packets of emerginCeeds with every US domestic order to help customers start their own vegetable garden with USDA organic mixed lettuce or arugula seeds.

Another environmental initiative is emerginC’s bamboo toothbrush giveaway, we gave away 50,000 metal straws already, but our plastic waste story doesn’t end here. One billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the United States. They end up in our landfills or dumped into the oceans and can take up to 500 years to decompose-they are essentially indestructible. We are here to help you swap out your old plastic toothbrush habit with an eco-friendly alternative. 100% biodegradable, plastic-free, natural bristled, bamboo toothbrush. Protected in a fully recyclable kraft paper bag and ready to use. Every step we take to eliminate plastic helps. 

The company is headquartered in its own building near the waterfront in Brooklyn, NY, run on wind power, with a rooftop vegetables and flowers garden, and chickens that give the staff organic eggs all year round. is proud to partner with emerginC and commends the company for its ongoing leadership in environmental commitments.

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