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We See What’s Going On!

An urban garden oasis in the foreground with flourishing green plants in raised wooden beds, set against the backdrop of an industrial-era red brick building under a partly cloudy sky.

For every retail-sized product sold, we plant a viable, indigenous tree in a non-harvest location.

Trees are essential for life: they are the largest plants and the longest-living species on Earth, and they store carbon, stabilize the soil, and release oxygen. Connecting the past with the present and reminding us of our history, trees provide us with tools and shelter. In partnership with Plant-It 2020, emerginC and you help better our planet by planting a viable, indigenous tree in a non-harvest location for every retail-sized product sold. 

Some of our Spa Partners from around the Country

Caesars Palace logo
Black and white logo with the word exhale in stylized lowercase letters, featuring a graphic element on the letter 'x' that could imply movement or airflow, with a registered trademark symbol.
Mandarin Oriental
Miraval - elegant and stylish typography logo design.
Logo of autograph collection hotels, showcasing the brand's elegant typography in a simple two-tone color scheme.
The image shows the logo of the hard rock hotel casino
Waldorf Astoria
Planet hollywood logo in classic black and white, showcasing its iconic brand name.
An elegant black and white logo featuring a stylized salamander with the word salamander underneath.